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Making Good . . . Better

Making Good . . . Better

Making Good . . . BetterMaking Good . . . BetterMaking Good . . . Better

How we work

Helping Homeowners

Your emotional attachment to your home can make it easy to overlook flaws that potential buyers will see. When you work with Switch Design, you get a professional, impartial plan for preparing your home to appeal to more potential buyers.

Switch Design will provide you with more than just a neutralized, sterile looking space plan – Switch Design helps your home tell its story to potential buyers.

Helping Realtors

Real Estate Professionals can choose from a broad range of marketing tools to attract buyers. Home Staging is one of these tools.

Just as a stylist prepares a star for a photoshoot, I help homeowners prepare their home for its photoshoot. A consult from Switch Design will take your listing from good enough to best in show!

How does it work?

A consult takes approximately two hours.  Switch Design goes room by room preparing a master list of what to do with each space to make every living space show and photo ready. Once every room has been gone through, Switch Design will go over the plan and then leave you with the list to work on at your convienence.  It's that easy and stress free.

Switch Design

Jennifer Nicholson, Owner

Jennifer has been working with Spokane realtors and residents for almost ten years.  Her ability to walk into a lived in space and see how potential buyers will see the space has helped hundreds of home owners sell their homes more efficiently resulting in fewer days on the market and typically for higher asking prices.